Seastone Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Seastone Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to treatment in an extremely tranquil setting. Treatment is tailored to each individual client. Located in sunny Delray Beach, our facilities are one blocks walk from the beach. Seastone stands out proudly amongst all other treatment center choices. Seastone offers you a safe place with a highly experienced staff, to transform your life. We stand out in one of the most thriving recovery communities in the country, because of our successes. Whether it is your first time in treatment, or if you have previously been unsuccessful, we are here for you.

Why Choose Seastone?

Choose Seastone because we provide authentic and long term relief. Choose Seastone because we will teach you how to live a rich life in your recovery. We will assist you in getting your life back – an improved life that you will be eager to live every day. Seastone will give you back the strength, stability and independence that you lost to your alcohol or drug addiction. Seastone’s treatment programs work, period. Call or chat with us today, if you or a loved one is suffering with addiction. We will EFFECTIVELY help you.

Seastone Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center’s programs will help you to achieve recovery and to give you the freedom to live the healthy clean and sober life that you deserve.

Seastone Medical Health Insurance Policy

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We accept most PPO insurances with out of network benefits and will gladly verify your coverage for you.

Why Seastone?

Beginning a life in recovery is not easy and we recognize this. Seastone Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center distinguishes ourselves from the crowded recovery scene in Delray Beach with extremely well structured care that is divided into different stages. As you progress, your care will progress too. We do not utilize the same treatment plan for all of our clients. Our treatment programs are designed to fit you. We recognize that you are a unique individual. You will utilize the skills you learn at Seastone throughout your life in recovery.

Not only does our staff and our former clients know that we stand out above all the rest…we have received objective confirmation for our treatment program from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). JCAHO is the worldwide organization which sets high quality standards for healthcare facilities like Seastone. In addition to ensuring that you will receive excellent care, JCAHO’s Gold Seal also means that it is much more likely that your insurance will cover your stay here. Seastone simplifies the process of choosing a treatment center, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your recovery.

Seastone Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center’s program will help you to achieve recovery and give you the freedom to live a healthy life.

Seastone’s Recovery Philosophy

We are responsive to individual needs and our program strictly adheres to the core principles of dignity, comprehensiveness and reintegration into society. Our treatment program is respectful and our staff is compassionate and empathetic. We take your entire person into consideration, not just your addiction. The recovery tools we teach are not abstract or theoretical. They are designed for your real world success and to withstand the difficulties inherent in long term recovery.

Seastone will help you resolve trauma which may have led you to addiction. We provide you with long term support and recovery resources. We will help you transform yourself and provide you relief for your suffering. We will be honored to work with you and your family to build a life you never thought possible.

Seastone was instrumental in helping my friend change his life for the better and in my personal opinion may have saved his life.

This is what some of our past clients have to say about our recovery program, treatment services, amenities and facilities.