12 Step Meeting Attendance

At Seastone Drug Rehabilitation & Alcohol Treatment Center we understand the importance of attending 12-step meetings and getting clients involved in 12-step fellowship immediately upon entering treatment.

We strongly encourage the support of 12 step fellowships and meetings during the duration of treatment. Because we encourage the 12-step model and 12 step fellowship we introduce concepts to new clients such as the “disease concept of addiction” and various 12 step meetings in the area. There are numerous different 12 step meetings available. In Delray Beach alone, there are anywhere from 10-20 12 step meetings going on throughout any given day. 12 step meetings are typically defined by a group of people meeting to support each other on a common problem and use some variation of 12 steps to attempt to solve that problem. If you have never been to a 12-step program or meeting, it is our goal at Seastone to help ease the discomfort into this transition. We have staff that are well versed in 12-step fellowships and ready to assist in anyway. It is important to keep an open mind about meeting attendance and how it can assist in your recovery.

It might be a concern of what to expect from a 12-step meeting if you have never attended one. There are a lot of misconceptions of 12 step fellowships. One misconception is you have to speak at your first meeting. While it is encouraged to introduce yourself to others, it is in no way a requirement to speak at your first 12 step meeting. Others are concerned they are joining a type of cult. 12 step meetings are there for people to support each other with a common problem such as alcoholism or drug addiction. Becoming a member of a certain 12 step meeting is optional and not required by the 12-step fellowship or Seastone. Some people believe you can “work” 12 steps while in treatment. While Seastone helps to provide education and material about 12 steps we encourage the use of a sponsor and working through 12 steps with a sponsor once treatment is completed. Another misconception is that 12 step meetings are self-help groups. The meetings are in place for people to help each other and who are not able to help themselves. This is why treatment is an important first step to someone’s recovery because it helps a person to understand the difference between therapy groups and 12 step meetings and why both are an important piece to someone’s recovery.

Seastone does not promote nor is affiliated with any particular type of 12 step fellowship. However, we strongly encourage and support various 12 step programs. For your convenience and to assist in your recovery a few links have been provided, we hope they will help you in your journey.

Alcoholics Anonymous-Palm Beach County


The Crossroads Club-12 step based club house in Delray Beach


Narcotics Anonymous-Mid Coast Area


Smart Recovery