Beginnings and Early Growth

We founded the Seastone drug rehab and alcohol treatment center in 2012.  Driven by the idea that each addict’s suffering was unique, we designed our programming to be fluid and responsive to individual needs.  Substance abuse treatment cannot and should not ever be factory like or cookie cutter.  No matter what the substance, addicts and their families need a solution with weight, one that caters to their specific situation.  Anything else is a half measure.

Although we began by treating men exclusively, we now provide long term recovery solutions for women as well.  This expansion has been very rewarding for us and the recovery community.   It gives us a diverse set of lenses through which to view addiction and its treatment.  Our administrators and staff have learned a great deal during this transition, and have worked hard to transfer the benefits to our clients.


Family Owned and Driven by Principle

Seastone is a family owned and operated substance abuse treatment center.  As such, we understand that authentic camaraderie are of paramount importance to recovery.  That is one of the reasons that we use a variety of recreational therapies as part of our drug and alcohol treatment programming.  These allow our clients to bond with one another and build recovery networks in a safe environment.  Trust is essential to recovery, and clients can start to practice it here.

Although our drug and alcohol programs are highly individualized, they are also founded on a set of unchanging core principles. The first principle is integrity.   We are accountable to one another and our clients.  We are honest and acknowledge our mistakes.  And we follow through on our commitments.  We do this because it is right, and because we want to provide clients with a mirror to inspire future conduct.

Our Core Values

We focus on safety, always.  We provide a safe environment, where can clients and staff can build a restorative community.  We tell the truth, and allow others to tell us the truth.  And we are always compassionate and supportive, never judgmental.  There is already far too much shame in most addicts’ lives.  Drug and alcohol treatment must stand apart from that sort of negativity.

Seastone is committed to excellence, in both our attitudes and in all the services we deliver.  We are open minded in our therapeutic approach and methods.  We are constantly educating ourselves inside and outside our discipline, so that we can continue to elevate our standard of care.  All this comes, of course, from our desire to provide the best care possible for our clients and their families.

Lastly, we are unified.  As a drug and alcohol rehab, we have to be.  We trust each other completely and form an unbreakable team.  And our values, which we put into practice every day, are absolutely non-negotiable.  We are absolutely committed to seeing our clients succeed, and achieve the peace they’ve sought for so long, both inside and outside the home.  We are honored to participate in the recovery of our clients.