Alternative Meeting Attendance

While Seastone of Delray believes in the essential benefits of attending 12 step meetings, we also understand that there are alternative programs and other options that might fit some of our clients better. Because of this we offer to take clients to alternative meetings and programs while the majority of our clients attend 12 step meetings. One alternative that some of our clients attend is SMART recovery. SMART recovery is a cognitive-behavioral approach to solving addiction. SMART recovery believes in evolving with scientific approaches not remaining the same. SMART recovery does not necessarily define addiction as a disease or not and welcomes all people regardless of immediate abstinence or not. SMART recovery is designed to work well with people who take a lot of responsibility for themselves. Another alternative is not necessarily a “meeting” but a religious option. Seastone offers opportunities for clients to attend synagogue or church on a regular basis. Some clients may choose to rely exclusively on their faith and their religion in order to stay clean and sober. Seastone supports clients who choose to go down this route and attempts to make arrangements for these clients to attend the services that best support them.

There is also a holistic approach to recovery that is important to incorporate when beginning a new life clean and sober. Clients are introduced to different activities such as yoga or diet friendly options that help recover the entire body; physically, mentally and spiritually. Incorporating different approaches in addition to or instead of 12 steps is important for the recovering person. At Seastone, we recommend that clients try different approaches in addition to attending 12 step meetings. Our therapists are trained in helping clients decide what approach works best for their recovery and also introduces different approaches within group therapy.