Alternative Meetings

Seastone Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center believes in the benefits of attending 12-step meetings, but we also understand that alternative programs and options may fit for our clients better.

We will take clients to alternative meetings and programs upon request. Alternatives include SMART recovery which has a cognitive-behavioral approach to dealing with addiction. They believe in a scientific approach and do not necessarily define addiction as a disease. SMART recovery works well for those who take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Seastone also offers our clients the opportunity to attend synagogue or church with regularity. We understand that having faith and being involved in religion works well for some people and helps them to stay clean and sober. Seastone supports all clients who choose this path and we will make necessary arrangements for the services that will best support our clients.

Another alternative is the holistic approach to recovery.  We introduce our clients to different activities including yoga and diet changes that will help to recover the entire body – physically, mentally and spiritually.

By incorporating different approaches to treating addiction, instead of  relying only on 12-step programs, we offer more opportunity for successful recovery. We highly encourage our clients to try different approaches.

Our therapists are trained to help a client decide which approach will work best for their recovery.