Art Therapy

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Art Therapy

Seastone of Delray offers Art Therapy and other creative based drug and alcohol addiction treatment therapy groups for our clients. These groups generally take place after a long week of intensive therapy that cover issues like trauma, relationship skills, and drug addiction education.

Art therapy offers our clients a different way to express themselves and communicate with others, but it also offers therapeutic value by allowing men in recovery to learn about themselves.

By creating art, our clients may be able to express deep seated feelings that may be difficult for them to articulate with words. This type of therapy also allows for a respite from the often difficult conversations and topics that are addressed in traditional therapy groups.

During the Creation stage of our Stepping Stones Treatment Program, clients are able to use Art therapy to create for themselves. The creation of different types of art such as painting, collage, sculptures and other modes, promote healthy recovery for clients who may not have had such experiences since childhood.