Drug Addiction Education

Drug addiction education is used to educate our clients, their families, and the community about drug addiction.

At Seastone, we educate our clients mostly during group therapy sessions. We focus on teaching the disease concept of addiction and alcoholism. We believe it is important for the clients to fully understand the disease concept so they know what they are up against in their recovery. We also focus on educating our clients on co-occurring disorders, different programs to help assist their recovery, family dynamics, relapse prevention, proper communication etc.

Drug addiction education also is designed to educate the families afflicted by addiction. This focuses on teaching the families about the disease concept as well. However, the difference in this education program is clinicians teach the families on how to deal with someone who is addicted. While the education for the addict focuses on teaching them different aspects of recovery, education for the family specifically deals with subjects such as co-dependency, enabling, detaching with love and family dynamics.

Drug addiction education is also used to educate our community on the effects of drug addiction. Seastone works closely with the community to help make treatment accessible to as many addicts and alcoholics as possible. We also help to educate leaders in our community on how they can respectfully and properly treat addicts and alcoholics in the community. We believe that if the community works together we can better resolve the growing addiction problem.