Rehab for Men

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs for Men

Seastone has embarked on a journey with Griffin Recovery Enterprises and, over the last year, our staff has been trained and implemented the Helping Men Recover curriculum.

Dan Griffin’s work developing The Man Rules® and bringing to light the dichotomy between these rules and the Recovery Rules® has revolutionized male gender-responsive, trauma-informed care.

His work has led to the development of Helping Men Recover (HMR), the only trauma-informed addiction curriculum written specifically for men.

HMR is an 18 session drug addiction treatment program that has been fully implemented at Seastone of Delray, and made the cornerstone of our drug rehabilitation program

Gender Specific

A Gender-Specific program is one that separates the genders. Men and Women do not live together in these treatment centers.

They may have some groups and activities together, but generally gender-neutral groups are provided.

Most programs go as far as saying “Men in one room, women in another.”

Gender Responsive

A Gender Responsive drug addiction treatment program, like Seastone of Delray, focuses on the socialization process of males and its effect on boys and men.

Gender responsive programs are trauma-informed and address the role that trauma plays in a man’s personal recovery and growth.

The staff are trained and the entire treatment center is geared towards creating a safe environment for men to recover.

The Man Rules®

By acknowledging that all men operate under The Man Rules® Dan Griffin has called into question the traditional drug and alcohol rehab programs that ask men to change who they are, without addressing the fact that they are men!


Don’t Be Weak

Don’t Show Emotion

Don’t Ask For Help

Don’t Cry

Don’t Care About Relationships


Be Vulnerable

Express Your Feelings

Get Help

It’s Okay to Cry

Build Healthy Relationships

Notice anything?

The Man Rules® fly directly in the face of the tenets of recovery.

This may not be such a big deal if these rules weren’t so deeply embedded in our society, but that is not the case. The Man Rules® are a code that every man is endowed with through their upbringing and reinforced by society.

Even if a man does not strictly adhere to these rules, society and the drug and alcohol treatment community still stereotype men based on these rules.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Curriculum

Helping Men Recover

Seastone of Delray is currently collaborating with Dan Griffin and Rick Dauer of Griffin Recovery Enterprises to implement the Helping Men Recover (HMR) curriculum at Seastone.

Each of Seastone’s counselors and most of the entire staff participated in a 3 day kickoff training with Dan and Rick designed to teach us about HMR and becoming a gender-responsive, trauma-informed treatment facility.

HMR is a trauma-informed addiction curriculum that speaks to men in a way that traditional drug rehabilitation programs do not.

4 Gender-Responsive, Trauma-Informed Modules


We rarely acknowledge to men that the therapeutic process may be incompatible with how men were raised. It can be remarkably healing to place men’s drug addiction and recovery within the context of their socialization as men.

By acknowledging The Man Rules® and contextualizing their impact on our lives and our recovery, Men are able to learn how to navigate their new life in recovery.


While all men have relationships, traditional

treatment does not typically focus on helping men develop the skills necessary to have healthy relationships.

Due to this, men often leave drug rehabilitation treatment centers, without learning how to establish healthy relationships, and relapse.


Sexuality is rarely addressed directly in drug addiction treatment, despite being a fundamental aspect of male and female identity and behavior.

Many men following The Man Rules®, whether gay or straight, need to address issues arising from sexuality in order to move forward in recovery.


Spirituality was traditionally a core element in most drug addiction treatment programs, but has been marginalized recently.

Getting in touch with spirituality does not mean men have to adhere to a religion, but instead find purpose and reason for life.

The HMR curriculum at Seastone will change the way we think about men in recovery

Dan Griffin, M.A. has worked in the mental health and addictions field for over two decades. His newest book, A Man’s Way through Relationships is the first trauma-informed book focused solely on helping men navigate the challenges of creating healthy and intimate relationships.

He is author of A Man’s Way Through the Twelve Steps, the first trauma-informed book taking a holistic look at men’s experience of recovery from addictions. He is co-author of groundbreaking curriculum Helping Men Recover, the first trauma-informed curriculum to deal with men’s unique issues and needs.

Rick Dauer, LADC has been a chemical health professional for more than thirty years, with experience in residential, outpatient, and jail-based treatment settings. He provides clinical supervision for River Ridge Treatment Centers in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

Rick has been a peer reviewer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and for the Minnesota Department of Human Services. He is co-author of Helping Men Recover, the first trauma-informed treatment curriculum for men.