Family Therapy Sessions

Family therapy is a key component to successful recovery

When there is an addict or alcoholic in the family, the whole family suffers. Often times addiction is referred to as “the family disease.” Most family members within the family unit will take on specific roles that may either help or hurt the addict or alcoholic. Understanding those roles and how those roles may be effecting the afflicted person is imperative for recovery. Family therapy sessions can be held in a few different settings. For clients, whose family is out of state, a clinician may opt for a family session over the phone. By beginning to open up family communication, even over the phone, it can be the start to repairing those relationships. Seastone also offers individual family therapy sessions. These sessions are set up by clinicians with individuals who have family that are willing to participate in a family session in person. These sessions are focused on repairing relationships that may have been damaged because of the addiction afflicting the individual and the family. Seastone also offers group family therapy sessions. These family therapy sessions are designed to be more educational for the family. The groups focus on educating the family about the disease concept of addiction, the importance of drug and alcohol treatment, enabling versus loving, and the importance of aftercare planning. The family group sessions can also give families a chance to connect to one another so they do not feel alone or ashamed of the situation they find themselves in.

The benefits of family therapy far outweigh any risks involved. Some clients are concerned that their family may not want to participate in treatment. This could be angry parents or a scorned spouse. Seastone clinicians are trained to deal specifically with these situations and the addict or alcoholic themselves should not be concerned or delay treatment because of this. By taking the first step into treatment, families may be more willing to participate in assisting the addict or alcoholic on their path to recovery. It is important for the addict or alcoholic to seek help specifically at a treatment center that is well versed and willing to incorporate the family component of treatment.