Family Therapy

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Family Therapy

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Family Therapy

Drug addiction extends beyond just the addicted individual. Family and friends deal with grief, anxiety and other stressful emotions as they watch their loved ones struggle with drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

In many cases, relationships are damaged or destroyed by drug addiction. Drug addiction and Alcohol abuse leads otherwise normal people to lie, steal or treat the people they care about in harmful ways.

At Seastone of Delray, we believe recovery is a family affair. We keep family members involved in therapy and in the loop on treatment.

Families receive regular updates from their loved one’s counselors and are encouraged to provide continuous support through controlled contact with their loved ones.

Family Program: Coming January 2016

In addition, we are implementing a 3-day intensive family program. This intensive program will help family members understand drug addiction, co-dependency and enabling.

The program will be designed to help friends and family members thoroughly understand their role in drug addiction treatment and what they can do to help break the cycle.

During this program, family members will also participate in group therapy sessions with their loved ones to address the harm their addictions have caused, and to develop healthy communication skills.