Group Therapy Sessions

Group session topics and group schedules vary throughout each treatment day

Group therapy sessions are an important part of drug and alcohol treatment. Although most people believe that individual therapy can be more important, group therapy sessions are as equally important and the reason why so much of the daily time spent in treatment is in group therapy. Group therapy sessions are designed to have the clients learn and grow from each other within a safe and understanding community. Group therapy sessions are run by a clinician and typically stay around a ratio of 12:1. By keeping group sessions smaller and more intimate, clients can form a working bond within the group that can be essential for recovery. Our clinicians are trained to be a facilitator within the group which means that they allow the clients to be open and supportive to one another. Having a group that works well together within the therapy setting, can make a significant difference in someone’s time within their treatment course. At Seastone, we strive to have that significant difference with every changing group.

Group session topics and group schedules vary throughout each treatment day. Some topics covered within group therapy are: communication, relapse prevention, relationships, anxiety, psycho-education, co-occurring disorders, grief/loss, trauma, anger management, spirituality, self-esteem, and gender groups. It is easy to find a group at Seastone that fits your needs and even find a group that you didn’t know you needed to be in! The staff at Seastone will help you find the necessary group therapy sessions to put you on the most successful track toward long term recovery. Our hope is that although group therapy sessions may be intimidating at first that you find them to be the most supportive part of your journey here and a way to start forming healthy relationships and open communication as an important part to rebuilding your life.