Massage Therapy

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Massage Therapy

Seastone of Delray offers Massage Therapy, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment therapy designed to relax the mind and body.

Because massages are regularly enjoyed by millions of people who don’t struggle with addiction or other health problems, their potent therapeutic benefits are often overlooked.

A series of quality massages from trained professionals can be a wonderful and effective part of a multi-faceted addiction treatment plan.

The reduction in stress provided by a series of massages works hand-in-hand with addiction recovery, both in the early stages of treatment and on a long-term basis. Immediately upon completion of a detoxification experience, clients are already suffering from a reduced ability to experience pleasure.

This means that a person who already has little practice in successfully managing negative emotions may feel extra deprived or stressed.

Massage therapy is highly successful in reducing stress and triggering the production of dopamine, endorphins and other brain chemicals that provide pleasurable sensations. Clients who receive massages early in the treatment process report a reduction in agitation, anxiety and stress, and generally are in more positive moods. This immediate improvement in mood and attitude will contribute to the success of treatment and reinforces the rewards of recovery.

On a long-term basis, the overall reduction in stress can be very helpful in reducing cravings for various addictive substances, largely because high levels of stress often cause individuals to use those substances for relief or comfort.