Seastone Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Seastone offers an Outpatient Sober Living program designed for clients who are transitioning from higher levels of care back into the “outside world.”  We are deeply committed to our clients and their long term recovery.

The Power of Home

The notion of “home” is very important to an addict. No matter how good, bad or indifferent the conditions an addict grew up with, they usually feel rootless and loneliness. Addressing these feelings is a crucial part of the recovery process and is one of the main functions of outpatient sober living.

Outpatient sober living provides structure, support and a feeling of being home. Sober living helps to fill the emptiness which keeps addicts addicted. Sober living is a communal living space where addicts reside together. Seastone manages the sober living residences while the client now manages their own self. Sober living allows a newly recovered person to regain their independence gradually, in a safe and supportive environment.

Sober living residents are expected to work, continue with their treatment and perform housekeeping duties. They are held accountable for themselves and to the other residents they reside with. Sober living teaches an addict the value of having and maintaining healthy social relationships and the benefits of reasoned conflict resolution.

Recovering persons are able to form deep and rewarding bonds while in sober living.  These bonds allow recovering addicts to become truly invested in each other’s lives and begin to see the incredible power they have to help another addict.