Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric evaluations are a key component to treatment and a person who is beginning their journey to recovery

The term “dual diagnosis” is used often in the recovery field. Often times people who are suffering from addiction could also be suffering from a mental health disorder as well. Someone who is struggling with addition and a mental health disorder is often referred to as a person with a dual diagnosis. If you are someone with a history of a mental health disorder or multiple relapses it is imperative for you to be under the care of a psychiatrists. At Seastone, we understand the importance of treating the whole person. By that we mean treating the addiction, physical health, spiritual health and mental health of our clients. It is impossible for a person to be successful at recovery if they are not resolving all aspects of themselves.

The psychiatric evaluation process begins upon entering Seastone. An initial evaluation is done by an intake professional who gathers basic information about a person’s mental health history. Within the first 72 hours of treatment our clients go under a full psychiatric evaluation done by a psychiatrist. This first evaluation can be anywhere from 1-2 hours. In order for our psychiatrist to fully understand the person and prepare for a diagnosis. Often times our clients have already been given a diagnosis and are on certain medications. It is the goal of our psychiatrist to make sure any medications being used are working and to monitor the diagnosis already given. If the client has not yet been diagnosed, our psychiatrist may diagnose the client with a mental health issue and therefore is able to prescribe medication. It is the decision of every client whether or not they want to take medication that is prescribed to them.

At Seastone we highly encourage clients to be medication compliant and to work closely with our psychiatrist on medication monitoring. We believe in educating our clients on the importance of medication monitoring and use trained staff to assist clients in monitoring and handling medication. After the initial evaluation clients, do follow up visits with our psychiatrist every 14-30 days depending on the necessity of needing a follow up visit. Our psychiatrist is on site every week for evaluations, follow up visits, medication questions, and any possible emergencies that have ensued. We believe that psychiatric evaluations and working closely with a psychiatrist on site is a key component to treatment. We also believe that working in conjunction with our psychiatrist sets us apart from most treatment centers.