Ropes Course

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Ropes Course

Reaching For Success

Individual or team efforts on a ropes course can lead to tremendous boosts in self-confidence, physical health and a sense of achievement – all useful in a client’s recovery journey.

The ropes course used by Seastone of Delray has a variety of high and low elements that are tackled as a team, though individual use is also encouraged. Each element has defined initiatives, and most initiatives are designed so that participants have to solve problems as they go.

Low elements are on the ground or low to the ground and are used to develop teamwork. Individuals must work together to accomplish group goals. This helps clients become better acquainted with one another and teaches effective communication.

High elements are 12 to 50 feet off the ground and are geared towards personal growth and self-accomplishment. Each client who participates in these elements wears a state-of-the-art harness (and other safety equipment) and is under close supervision at all times.

Participating in the ropes course is fun, but it also has a world of benefits. Clients learn the value of teamwork, decision making, personal growth, achievement, communication and leadership.

Dedicated To Your Recovery

We at Seastone of Delray believe that if you want to change, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable at times. While the ropes course is often daunting and at times downright intimidating to some clients, we’ve found that completion provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

While no one will be forced to do the course or any element they aren’t comfortable with, clients are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and go one step further than they think they can go.