Treatment For Alcoholism

Treatment For Alcoholism

“Wade Learns The Best Treatment for Alcoholism is Looking Outward”

Written By Kirk Markey — November 25, 2016

Although admittedly an alcoholic, Wade has never understood drug addiction.  This week, as he continues to look after Jonas, he finds that seeing it up close is like looking into a mirror.  

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism –  Different Ways to Be the Same Kind of Broken

Wade kept his mouth shut about Jonas’s drinking, just like he promised he would.  He tried to help him instead, talking to him every day and dragging him to meetings whenever he could.  But strangely enough, it was Wade who started to feel better, not Jonas.

In fact, Jonas got worse.  He continued to go downhill emotionally, until he finally told Wade he was getting high again.  It turned out that Jonas suffered from drug addiction more than from alcoholism.  He was eating pills again, Ativan mostly, with the occasional painkiller thrown in when he could get his hands on them.

And as Wade watched Jonas fade away, he saw nothing but himself.    

But What the Heck Is Moral Psychology?

Now Wade had a dilemma, a moral quandary if you will.  If he told staff about Jonas using, they’d have to throw him out of the sober house.  But if he didn’t reveal what he knew, he would be putting his other housemates in danger.  Wade didn’t know what to do.  He was hemmed in on every side with confusion.

One day he picked up the phone, just like he’d heard to do at meetings.  He called Freddie P., the man he’d stood up at the coffee shop.  They talked a long time.  Wade told him everything, taking care to omit Jonas’s name and where he lived.

Finally, almost in tears, Wade asked Freddie what he should do.  “I want to do the right thing,” he said, “but I have no idea what that is.  What do I do?”  But all Freddie said was I don’t know.  “I have no idea,” he said, “but listen to what you just said.  You want to do the right thing.  And how beautiful is that?”  

The conversation ended with Freddie telling Wade to pray.  “Pray for the right answer,” he said, “pray like it’s life and death and see what happens.”  In despair, Wade said he didn’t believe in God or anything like it.  “Neither do I,” Freddie said, “a lot of us don’t”  

New Thoughts and Praying to Nothing

That night, Wade sat on his bed and prayed for the first time in his life.  He prayed and asked what he should do.  And do you what happened?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  But the next day, two new thoughts came into his head.  

The first was that he would die from alcoholism if he didn’t continue to change.  The second was that Jonas would tell on himself or Wade would.  Jonas was gone not long after, and Wade started addiction counseling.  He needed the extra help, all the help he could get.  Jonas taught him that.